The Power of Change

AS DAVID LIVINGSTONE once said: "I'll go anywhere as long as it's forward."

This is a pretty apt motto for the past decade at Killcare Marina. This period has seen us transform from an organisation on the brlink of irrelevance to one that has succeeded with a number of achievements - and which continues to provide not only quality services and value, but also safer and more environmentally friendly work practices.

Changes are a matter of course, and we have not been resting on our laurels. There have been many improvements to the facilities and to the range of services over these years.

One innovation we are extremely proud of is our boat lift. This true change first took place in the imagination during a Sunday afternoon drive, and was then turned into reality. Due to our effort to develop a superior slipway service, the Marina now boasts the only boat lift on the Brisbane Water, a boat lift that is able to lift extra wide multi hull vessels and a lift that is far more gentle on boats than the usual slipway.

We are extremely delighted with the new floating Marina, a project that represents hard work and determination and I am excited that it has finally come into fruition.

Having worked at the Marina in various capacities from the age of 15, I am passionate about the Marina.

As a keen boater myself I understand the importance of quality of workmanship, using quality products and offering quality facilities. I feel deep satisfaction derived from the fact, that the new facilities are of utmost quality and are available for many of our returning customers who have contributed to our professional reputation.

We are extremely grateful for this support over the years. Our reputation is our biggest asset and experience has taught us that the best advertisement we can ever get is a referral. I am satisfied that we fulfilled our promises, and I am honoured to be the Marina Manager.

The team at Killcare Marina are proud to be a longstanding business in the community, providing our customers with good old fashioned “Service” with the same good old fashioned "Prices".

Please feel free to drop by at any time to discuss your boating needs or just to say hi.

Michael Sparks CEO, Marina Manager




Michael Sparks, 1965

Michael has been associated with boats and the Marine Industry for over 35 years and has been a Marina Manager for over 20 years.

Michael has directly and indirectly been involved in the operation of Killcare Marina since 1980, and has managed the business since 2001.

As well as being up to date with the latest legislation and environmental issues that face the Marina Industry today, Michael has a comprehensive understanding of best practice in the Marina Industry and has implemented a number of environmental initiatives over the years.

Michael’s training and experience are extensive.

  • Not only has he completed the requirements for candidacy for the prestigious Certified Marina Manager qualification, he also has a Bachelor of Business degree, a Masters of Environmental & Business Management and has completed both the Intermediate and Advanced levels of Marina Management Training.
  •  Michael is a current NSW Justice of the Peace (132729) and is an authorised Boatcode agent and examiner on behalf of NSW Maritime. Michael has assisted the NSW Police Service on several occasions in their investigations especially in regard to stolen vessels.
  • Michael has been involved in several local businesses and has employment experience with the Australian Taxation Office as a Business Auditor. This position required an Australian Government security clearance.
  • With a strong aptitude for development Michael holds membership with the Project Management Institute.
  • Michel holds numerous industry training and trade qualifications, and is a qualified marine technician himself.
  • He has previously served for 10 years as member, president, treasurer and captain of the local Rural Fire Service brigade.

Chances are if you live in the Killcare area you would have run into Michael over the years as he has lived and worked in the area since 1980.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything boat related please feel free to pop into the Marina and have a chat to Michael.