We have been a member of the Boating Industry Association of NSW since 1986 and are a member of several sub-branches (Marina Association of NSW, Marina Industries Association of Australia and Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association).

The Boating Industry Association of NSW (BIA)

The BIA strives to be the voice and authority to government departments, associated bodies and interest groups, representing the Boating and Marine Industry in NSW, whilst creating awareness within the community and promoting the benefits of safe recreational boating. Whilst its activity within the industry is quite diverse, some of the key issues that the BIA deal with include:

  • The promotion and benefits of the boating industry to its members and the public;
  • The maintenance of committees in the fields of boat shows, legislation, facilities, safety, promotion, training and special subgroups;
  • To work closely with government, marine organisations and other interest groups to increase the industries effectiveness;
  • To conduct and promote boat shows that reflect the size and importance of the industry and its membership;
  • To dedicate profits from boat shows and other marketing endeavours to benefit and promote the industry;
  • To maintain a permanent office and full time staff to represent, assist its members and conduct its affairs.

The BIA is also involved in important issues that touch upon all aspects of our recreational use of the waterways, namely:

  • The Environment;
  • Boating Safety;
  • Waterways Infrastructure;
  • Access;
  • Public Facilities.

The Marina Association of NSW

The Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA)

Since its inception in 2000, the MIAA has been dedicated exclusively to the needs of the marina industry as the peak industry body in Australia for the Owners, Managers and Operators of Marinas, Slipways, Boatyards, Berthing, Mooring and other marine Storage Facilities and Sailing and Cruising Boating Clubs.

MIAA members enjoy direct, national and global connections with both industry and Government organisations.

Members of the MIAA are located in each state of Australia and they find benefit from the range of services offered through the network and from the Secretariat, which is located in Sydney.

The MIAA is a different organisation from any other marine organisation because it is entirely about marina matters; it concentrates, absolutely, on issues to do with day-to-day marina business and planning for the future.

The Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association (MIMRA)

The MIMRA is a division of the NSW Boating Association. The Association is committed to representing their industry and providing a forum through which individuals and companies can voice their concerns and interests.

All MIMRA members are held to the BIA's Code of Practice and strive to provide professional and efficient service to the public.

Some of their objectives that ultimately benefit members and the boating public include:

  • To provide opportunities for members to obtain continuing education and skills to better suit them to the changing employment classifications and work practices;
  • To develop safe working practices peculiar to the industry;
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of technology: manufacturers, specialists and suppliers could address and demonstrate to the members products and technology of mutual interest.

The Association of Marina Industries (AMI)

The AMI is the international trade marine association for the marina industry.

The AMI represents a diverse membership of over 1,500 marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, and public/private moorage basins across the United States and around the world. These companies provide slip space for over 240,000 recreation watercraft and employment for over 13,000 marine tradesmen and women. Suppliers of equipment and services to this industry complete AMI's membership.

The AMI marina association member companies range from small family owned and operated companies to large corporations, and includes a variety of business types, including for-profit companies, non-profit clubs, private cooperatives, and concessionaires. The membership of AMI is a unique blend of interests in marina and boatyard facilities. In addition to facility operators and equipment manufacturers, membership represents academic and government agency interests, consultants, insurance and engineering firms, and many marine trade associations.

In addition, AMI members provide millions recreational boaters each year the wide variety of goods and services, ranging from fuel and oil sales to boat repairs and food and lodging, that allow recreational boating to continue to grow in popularity with sportsmen and women.