Boat trailers are often neglected. Trailers require regular maintenance and repair - frame, brakes, tow fittings, lighting, wheel bearings, rollers, winches... etc... We can do this for you.

Of all a trailer's components, its wheel bearings are the most critical.

During launching and retrieval, the wheels are submerged in water. The water seeps into the wheel hub displaces and emulsifies the grease. The problem is compounded when the salt water corrodes the bearing's rollers. A rusty bearing will run much hotter than a good bearing, even if you try to re-grease it.

To reduce your chances of having a bearing failure, clean and repack the wheel bearings with a marine-grade wheel bearing grease at least twice a year. The pressurized wheel bearing caps help reduce the tear-down and if they are used correctly, you are still advised to remove the hub completely once a year to check the inside grease seal for damage. You would not be the first person to have some mono-filament fish line wrapped around the trailer axle.

* * *

Because wheel bearing failure is common, you should carry a spare hub assembly with lug nuts with you. They are hard to come by when you are in the middle of nowhere. Be sure to check that you have the proper jack and wrenches to change it if you had to. Your car's jack and lug wrench may not work on the trailer.