Are You near Brisbane ? No, we are not. Killcare Marina is located in Hardys Bay in the calm waters of the estuary called Brisbane Waters. It is part of the City of Gosford local government area of the Central Coast region of NSW.

The marina is 24 nautical miles from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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Where Are You on Brisbane Waters ?

  • Killcare Marina is located on the Eastern shore of Hardy’s Bay. Please, visit "Locate Us" item on our website for more information.

Do You Have a Boat Lifting Facility ?

  • Yes, we have our own Boat Lift and Slipway.

Do You Have Crane and Workshop Facilities ?

  • Yes, we have on site a fully qualified marine mechanic, full mechanical workshop and a small crane for removing / installing motors.

Are Fuel, Water and Pump out Available Close By ?

  • Fuel is available at Booker Bay Marina and Machan's Marina which are both located nearby in Booker Bay. Re-fuelling craft within the Marina is strictly prohibited.
  • Pumping Stations for foul waste are available at Killcare Marina and at Gosford Wharf.
  • Water is available for vessels at Killcare Marina.

Are There Restrictions on When you can Enter and Leave the Marina by Boat ?

  • Brisbane Waters is influenced by tides. Deep draft vessels might be restricted to navigate the entrance channel to Brisbane Waters at certain times.
  • It is advisable that you use your discretion during inclement weather. While Brisbane Waters may seem calm during high winds, the open water of the waterway can be rough and difficult to navigate. In particular the entrance to Brisbane Waters can be very dangerous in certain circumstances.

Can You Use the Boat and Facilities All Year ?

  • Mooring holders are entitled to use their boat at any time they wish, as often as they wish. However, it is not permitted to use the marina as a permanent address.

Can You Stay on the Boat for Holidays ?

  • Yes, you can. During holidays the Marina is busy and there is a close and fun loving community to be found there.

What Security Do You Have ?

  • The Marina is patrolled several times a day by the Marina staff. At night the Marina is monitored by webcams. To provide additional security to your property there is also a security gate in operation at the entrance to the wharf to which only members and guests of Killcare Marina have access.

How Affected are you by Bad Weather ?

  • Due to the Marina's sheltered location Killcare Marina has the benefit of being protected from most occurrences of high winds and other spells of inclement weather.

Do You Have Car Parking ?

  • There is no private car parking available at the Marina. Parking is available on-street.

Can Sea Toilets be Used on Brisbane Waters ?

  • Boats on Brisbane Waters are NOT permitted to discharge waste into the waterway. Sea toilets CAN NOT be operated unless the effluent is discharged into a holding tank.

Are There Other Places to Moor Up on Brisbane Waters ?

  • There are a number of public jetties on Brisbane Waters that can be used to moor your boat for short periods of time. There are many quiet anchorages to be found in bays all around Brisbane Waters, however it is wise to use your discretion and avoid mooring in the path of main channels or ferry wharves. It is not permitted to moor on a swinging mooring unless you own the right to do so.