Your boat is a significant investment. To protect your investment and provide reliable leisure time aboard, maintenance is key. There are antifoul paints that, depending on vessel usage and local environmental factors, can give up to 2 years of satisfactory service, if you're prepared to pay the premium for the product.

However, your boat still should be slipped at least every year to change her anodes, check propeller shaft bearings, rudder bearings and skin fittings.

On the running gear, we haven't found any antifoul paint that works sufficiently well for 2 years. Invariably, the propeller & leading edges of the rudders will always require re-application as the antifoul wears off with the constant abrasion of the turbulent water caused by the propeller.

Our advice is to haul your boat annually and

  • Carry out these inspections;
  • Apply a full coat of an antifoul all over, with a manufacturer specified thickness, and a 2nd coat around the waterline, leading edges of the keel, rudder(s) and running gear.

* * *

Year in year out, we find that this is the most cost effective program for boat owners.