We encourage you to either call us or e-mail us for bookings and enquiries.

  • Boat Lift for Wide Vessels

    Our facility can handle vessels up to 9.5m (31') in Beam, 15m (49') in Length, and 12t in Weight.

    The Marina is the only one in Brisbane Waters set to lift Wide Multi-Hull Vessels up to 9.5m in Beam.

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  • DIY & Owners Maintenance

    Do-It-Yourself Customers are Welcome for weekend lifting.

    DIY weekend bookings are generally available, please call for a quote.

    Only minor Owner repairs and maintenance are permitted while the Vessel is in a Berth. Any major repairs or maintenance must be carried out on the Boat Lift.

    All Persons at the Premises in any capacity, must be aware of, and follow at all times the Marina Regulations.

    Prior to commencing works consult the Manager who will issue any limitations as might apply.

    Work Area

    • All works performed must comply with the Marina Regulations. Those Persons invited by the Marina User are his/her responsibility.
    • Work Area is to be maintained in a fit, clean and tidy condition at all times, and is to be left clean with all rubbish removed.
    • Keeping limited access to any hazard zone is essential. The areas of work hazard will be barricaded off to prevent access from the public.

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  • DIY - Work Berth Rental

    Work berths are available for rent and are charged on a per foot basis for a 24 hour period.

    Only minor Owner repairs and maintenance are permitted while the Vessel is in a Berth. Any major repairs or maintenance must be carried out on the Boat Lift.

    All works performed must comply with the Marina Regulations which pertain to noise, water, airborne particle pollution and more.

  • Quotes & Estimates

    Way too often we see "Free"  Berthing, Antifouling, Moorings, etc. Unfortunately we all know that nothing is really "Free".

    We offer good old fashioned "Service" with the same good old fashioned "Prices". At prices up to 50% less than Sydney Harbour it's worth making the trip up and combining some cruising and exploring in Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River.

    • Once we have discussed exactly what you require, in most cases, we can offer fixed pricing - though it is impossible to give a finite quote, without knowing what additional work may need doing, until that boat is out of the water.
    • Our quote formalizes our initial discussion. We email to you our written quotation for the extent of works as requested by you. Your booking is confirmed only when we receive your approval; we cannot commence any work without receiving your approval.
    • We encourage owners to come down to the Marina on the day of the haul out and we can inspect your boat together. Taking an active interest in the underwater section of your boat also provides you with an invaluable insight into the condition of your hull.
    We pride ourselves on supplying high quality services at affordable rates.
    If you happen to find a cheaper price for the same scope of work, do not hesitate to share it with us, as our intention is to beat it.
    We are committed to your satisfaction.
    Variations to Quote
    • From time to time, unexpected issues may arise and need attention, which can only be identified when your boat is out of the water. Even with the best efforts of the owner and the Marina, situations can arise that require extra labour or materials.
    • In this event, you will be contacted and invited down to the Marina to discuss and decide for yourself the necessity of our recommendations. If you are unable to visit in person, an accurate quote can be provided over the telephone for your approval.
    • In no circumstance will we proceed with any activity outside the original quote, no matter how necessary, without your express consent.
  • Vessel Pick Up & Delivery

    To assist those customers with busy schedules, who may not be able to take the time off to deliver and collect their boat, we offer a Pick Up service from her permanent place of abode and Delivery back again.

    Towing involves the use of the workboat plus any other equipment. Drive or Tow, with Assistance or not, we are fully equipped to perform short or long-distance tow or drive jobs as required. 

    Fees do vary, but to keep costs low are heavily discounted from our usual hourly labour rates and are quoted for your approval.

  • Vessel Lifting

    Your Vessel is lifted using our Boat Lift.

    Booking the lifting of a Vessel is dependant on its draft, the tide and scheduled length of stay.

    • The Boat Lift is set up so that it can lift an array of different types of vessels including runabouts, yachts, motor cruisers, and wide vessels such as houseboats and catamarans up to 9.5m in Beam.
    • Now we have to set up the Lift for your Vessel. In preparation for your Vessel lifting we will have to obtain from you all the relevant data, unless it is not the first time, and you have provided it before. In this case we have all the data on record.
    • When the keel supports have been placed in position and the arms located to hold the boat, the Boat Lift is ready to be sunk to maneuver the boat into position.
    • The vessel is literally lifted by air. The keel is supported in multiple locations. The vessel is supported with side arms to the gunnels. Support to gunnels does not cover spots on the hull which are difficult to access for painting and polishing, and does not require repositioning of the supports, which is usually chargeable.
    • At this point the Vessel and Boat Lift are checked for safety and the area is declared ready for work to proceed.
    The relevant data includes measurements, out-of-water photographs of the Vessel previously lifted elsewhere, seaworthiness, floatation/structural/mechanical problems and any known relevant issues. We must rely on the information provided by you.
  • One Coat or Two ?

    What are the merits of applying 2 full coat of antifoul as against one ? Of course we will do whatever the customer asks, however our observations are that boats which receive two coats become just as fouled after 12 months as those which receive a single coat plus two coats at the waterline and along leading edges.

    Antifoul by nature is very thick; it has various solids and resins that are designed to dissolve out of the paint during its life. This causes the remaining paint to be slightly "brittle" and weak in structure. Over years of antifoul build up, the old paint is prone to cracking or flaking and may simply fall off in patches.

    * * *

    There comes a time when all old flaking antifoul needs to be removed, with an abrading process which may be delayed by annual slipping and one good coat of professionally applied antifoul.

  • Hard or Ablative Antifoul ?

    Typically we recommend a hard antifouling over the ablative types. Both have their place and limitations, particular to each, but both really only offer the same 12 month service life. It's a personal preference.

    Our observation at Hardys Bay is that after 12 months, boats we service that have used ablative antifoul have more slime and shell than boats that have used a hard antifoul.

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  • International Paints

    For the last few years we’ve been using International Yacht Coatings products and we are quite happy with their most comprehensive range available to suit every budget, season and environmental requirements.

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  • What is Prop Speed Treatment ?

    Prop Speed is a relatively new innovation specifically designed for application on propellers, rudders, shafts, skegs and trim tabs. Prop Speed™ works because it is slick, not because it is toxic.

    Application of Prop Speed is a two step process using a 2-part advanced catalysed etch primer followed by a silicone based top coat.

    Prop Speed is an environmentally safe product and does not contain copper, tin or any other toxic substances which may cause environmental pollution.

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  • What Anodes ?

    This is very good question. Many boat owners will be familiar with galvanic corrosion and the costly nature of attending to the issues associated with metals in water. All metals will corrode when exposed to oxygen and moisture and revert back to the basic natural state of their raw material.

    Without preventative measures and proper maintenance, corrosion can occur very quickly and be costly. However, there are simple measures which can be taken to significantly reduce the effects of corrosion in terms of time and cost.

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  • Why Should I Have 6-monthly Stern Drive Service ?

    Stern Drive manufacturers recommend inspection and servicing at 6 month intervals. It may sound like overkill, however we highly recommend that you adhere to the manufacturer's advice.

    We often see families and friends arrive at the Marina on the weekend all in good spirits, eskies full of ice, bags full of picnic items, ready for a day out on the water. It is amazing how often the owners who neglect their stern drive servicing have to abort the excursion because the leg overheats and fails, or propellers are fouled and the boat simply won't move, and suffer the embarrassment in front of family and friends.

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  • Ship to Shore Power Connection Policy

    The Marina facility provides power for use on your recreational Vessel with a connection to the low voltage electrical supply which is connected to a copper based marina protective earthing system.

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  • Contractors

    Marina Users who choose to contract non Company staff must seek prior approval from the Marina Manager.

    For a variety of legal, compliance and administrative reasons the Company only permits duly registered businesses with adequate insurance cover to provide services on the Premises.

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  • What You Need to Know

    The Marina is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. This commitment includes compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Marina Regulations constitute one element of our risk management strategy.

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