• Marine Surveyor on Site

    If purchasing a boat let us inspect it first, we have many years of experience in this area.

    The Marina has a Marine Surveyor on site for all your Survey Needs.

    We are an authorised Boat Code inspection agent.

    We conduct:

    • Insurance Surveys.
    • Pre-Purchase Evaluations of Vessels.
    • Boat Code Inspections (HIN).
    • General Inspections.
    • Mechanical Inspections.

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  • Boat Lift for Wide Vessels

    Our facility can handle vessels up to 9.5m (31') in Beam, 15m (49') in Length, and 12t in Weight.

    The Marina is the only one in Brisbane Waters set to lift Wide Multi-Hull Vessels up to 9.5m in Beam.

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  • Vessel Lifting

    Your Vessel is lifted using our Boat Lift.

    Booking the lifting of a Vessel is dependant on its draft, the tide and scheduled length of stay.

    • The Boat Lift is set up so that it can lift an array of different types of vessels including runabouts, yachts, motor cruisers, and wide vessels such as houseboats and catamarans up to 9.5m in Beam.
    • Now we have to set up the Lift for your Vessel. In preparation for your Vessel lifting we will have to obtain from you all the relevant data, unless it is not the first time, and you have provided it before. In this case we have all the data on record.
    • When the keel supports have been placed in position and the arms located to hold the boat, the Boat Lift is ready to be sunk to maneuver the boat into position.
    • The vessel is literally lifted by air. The keel is supported in multiple locations. The vessel is supported with side arms to the gunnels. Support to gunnels does not cover spots on the hull which are difficult to access for painting and polishing, and does not require repositioning of the supports, which is usually chargeable.
    • At this point the Vessel and Boat Lift are checked for safety and the area is declared ready for work to proceed.
    The relevant data includes measurements, out-of-water photographs of the Vessel previously lifted elsewhere, seaworthiness, floatation/structural/mechanical problems and any known relevant issues. We must rely on the information provided by you.
  • Vessel Cleaning & Inspection

    The hull is thoroughly cleaned using ultra high pressure fresh water to clean and remove most organic growth.

    • All underwater strainers, skin, grates and fittings below the water line are cleaned. If the vessel is stern driven, the leg is thoroughly cleaned, removing all contaminate from the legs.
    • We then move onto cleaning of the hull water line, removing scum staining on the hull. We Acid Wash waterline if necessary.
    Whilst the pressure gun is mostly used for the cleaning of underwater sections of the hull whilst the boat is on our Boat Lift, we have hired it out 
    on several occasions for the cleaning of Customers boats.
    It is portable and can be used anywhere where there is 240V and fresh water supply.
    • We take the opportunity to give your hull a good visual inspection to ensure everything is in good order. The hull, shafts, props, etc are inspected. We also check for things like osmosis, cracking and early signs of electrolysis.
    • The Stern Drives are thoroughly inspected, focusing special attention to the most vulnerable parts of the Stern Drive around the bellows. Excessive growth in this area can lead to premature failure of the bellows, causing sea water to enter the area between the gimbal bearing on the transom and the rear leg bearing, which in turn can cause failure and siezure to many related components. This is a very important part of the inspection.