The discharge of sewage from Vessel holding tank can be carried out at the Pump Out station free of charge.

The temporary berthing area for Pump Out is to be left clear at all times. At the completion of Pump Out please, vacate the area promptly.


In collaboration with Gosford City Council we currently host a public Ship to Shore Sewage Pump Out facility located at the head of the barge.

Brisbane Waters is used for a wide variety of purposes including recreational and commercial boating, recreational and commercial fishing and aquaculture. The direct discharge of raw sewerage by boats into Brisbane Waters contributes to disease causing organisms, presents a hazard to swimming and other water uses. The protection and improvement of Brisbane Waters is of utmost importance and the installation of this Sewage Pump Out facility helps stop discharge of untreated sewerage into Hardy’s Bay, which in turn improves the water quality of Brisbane Waters.

This pump-out system was introduced to allow boat users to pump sewage and marine waste from their boats when they arrive back at shore without having to release it into the open water, which is against clean water regulations, and to ensure that the facility could be provided somewhere south of the Rip Bridge.

Providing sewerage pump out facilities at marinas significantly reduces the harmful effects of directly discharging sewage from boats into the water. Co-locating the facility with other services allows for the constant supervision of the facility by experienced marine equipment operator.

We are pleased to be able to provide this FREE Ship to Shore Pump Out facility for boaters to help the environment.

How it Works

Sewage Pump Out system is based on the vacuum principle, which is fast, efficient, and reliable.

Vacuum Cycle

The pump sucks out the air from the pump tank.
The vacuum in the pump tank moves the effluent from the boat tank into the pump tank.
The foul air that is sucked out of the pump tank is vented through the discharge line into the sewer with no odour.
The electronic control monitors the effluent level and switches the pump to the discharge cycle when the pump tank is full.

Discharge Cycle

In the discharge (pressure) cycle the pump moves the effluent from the pump tank to the sewer.
The electronic control monitors the effluent level and stops the pump after the pump tank is emptied.
The pump is ready to start next Vacuum Cycle.

Vessel Pump Out Procedure

The following procedure must be strictly followed to ensure safety and to minimise potential environmental exposure.

Gosford City Council 02 4365 1593 ; Afterhours 1800 680 022

  • The Vessel Owner must supply a Camlock Adaptor to connect to the system.
  • Press "STOP" button in Emergency ONLY.
  • This facility will apply a high level of vacuum to the Vessel's holding tank system.
The Vessel Owner must ensure that the holding tank venting system on the Vessel is functioning to avoid PERMANENT DAMAGE.
  • In Case of Spillage: Notify the Marina Manager immediately of location and extent of the spillage so appropriate actions may be taken to prevent contamination of the environment and personal hazard.


  • Ensure Vessel is secured and cannot move more than 1 metre in any direction.
  • Turn off engines, all electrical equipment and ensure all battery switches are turned off.
  • Ensure all occupants are not below deck level and please keep children well away.
  • Movement around the area and facility should be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Please observe No Smoking.

Step 1:

  • Remove cap from Vessel's Deck Waste Fitting and install Camlock Adaptor into the Fitting.

Step 2:

  • Take Pump Out Hose from bracket, plug the Hose nozzle onto Camlock Adaptor and lock. Open Ball Valve.

Step 3:

  • Press "START" button to turn Pump Out on. Expect a few seconds delay for Pump Out to start.
  • Pump goes through the suction cycle, stops, starts again and goes through the discharge cycle, then stops again. Pump Out is finished.
  • Do not Disconnect the Hose till Pump Out finishes.

Step 4:

  • Close Ball Valve and disconnect the Pump Out Hose from Camlock Adaptor.

Step 5:

  • Remove Camlock Adapter. Replace Deck Waste Fitting cap.
  • Coil the Hose and place on supplied bracket.


  • The temporary berthing area for Pump Out is to be left clear at all times. At the completion of Pump Out please, vacate the area promptly.