Marina Operations Manual

  • A Marina is subject to a wide range of licence obligations and government controls.
  • We first implemented internal regulations in 2004 to help us to improve the quality and efficiency of services provided to our Customers and to ensure we act in safe and environmentally responsible manner at all times.
  • Over time these regulations have been modified and additions made to them as required, and drawn on our years of experience, have evolved into a comprehensive Marina Operations Manual.
  • This manual now consists of more then 700 documents and tools.
  • The Marina Operations Manual covers all aspects of our business operations, and includes other smaller manuals:
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Manual, and
  • Environmental Management Plan, which includes
  • Waste Management Plan, and
  • Emergency Response Plan.


  • These regulations describe how we are organized, who does what, when, where, why and some how's.
  • These regulations contain our policies, procedures and standards, simple reminders, precautions and recommended practices, which have been developed to achieve uniform definition and consistent application of various functions.
  • We strive to deliver the regulations which are easy to implement and maintain, written in plain language with no meaningless jargon and are concise, practical and with minimal paperwork.
  • The principles set out in these regulations are not intended to qualify, supplement or interpret the law but are to be read subject thereto.
  • These regulations apply in full to all work done at the Marina Premises and to anyone who performs any work at the Marina - staff, customers working on their Craft, commercial visitors and contractors etc, and in relevant parts to anyone who simply visits the Premises.
  • With the current strict Environmental legislation, OH&S, Insurance and Liability issues, we are required to ensure that all of our customers, visitors, contractors and staff understand their rights and accept their responsibilities in these matters.

* * *


  • These documents are offered as templates to help you to develop your own regulations as required.
  • These documents are offered "as is", however, we believe you may find it helpful and practical as templates and content to start from and save your time.
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