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Our facility can handle vessels up to 9.5m (31') in Beam, 15m (49') in Length, and 12t in Weight.

The Marina is the only one in Brisbane Waters set to lift Wide Multi-Hull Vessels up to 9.5m in Beam.

Owners of multi-hull vessels are often prepared to cover a far bigger distance to get their vessel lifted on our facility.

Our Boat Lift is

  • Boat Friendly
  • Smooth and gentle on the boat, much better than a traditional slipway rail and cradle.
  • Vessel well supported during lift, storage and return to water.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Careful of marine ecology - provides collection of both liquid and solid waste material.
  • Uses compressed air, therefore has no moving parts and no applied grease.
  • Is very quiet - considerate of local residents.
  • Safe and Convenient for people to work on the boat
  • Easy access to underwater areas of Vessel.
  • Flat work area is easy to work on and provides space to layout tools, materials etc.
    • Suitable for Variety of boats we can lift
  • We can lift Motor Cruisers, Runabouts, Trailer Sailers, Yachts, Mono-hulls and Multi-hulls, Catamarans, Trimarans and Houseboats to 9.5m in Beam. We can lift Vessels up to:

15m (49') in Length

9.5m (31') in Beam

1.7m (5'6") in Draft (deeper draft subject to the tide)

12.0 t in Weight

  • Price competitive
  • Our Boat Lift is an air dock allowing us to maintain reasonable prices.


"We have watched the construction of the floating dock with great interest. Now that it is operational we are very impressed at the overall finish of the construction and the great consideration for the environment that has gone into its design and development ... We wish to congratulate you on your insight in this development and hope that this becomes the benchmark for future developments at other marinas in the future."
"I was impressed with the design not just to improve boat retrieval & insertion but the environmental consideration when undertaking cleaning & antifouling activities. Killcare Marina should be applauded for initiating this facility & service to the boating community."
"Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent service and great facilities for berthing our boat for the past fortnight. In particular, the use of your floating dock facilities was fantastic, providing a safe and convenient mode of access to and from the boat and making the job of getting of getting on and off the boat an easy prospect for people of all ages."