The Marina is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. This commitment includes compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Marina Regulations constitute one element of our risk management strategy.


All Marina Users must read, agree and sign the Marina User Agreement before using facilities.

  • The Marina Users warrant that they have read and understand the Agreement and agree to engage in conduct consistent with the terms and Marina Regulations. Please send your signed Agreement back to us as soon as possible.
  • No Vessel will be permitted onto the Premises or be worked on unless the correct Vessel details have been provided and the Agreement signed.
  • All works performed must comply with the Marina Regulations. All Persons at the Premises in any capacity must follow at all times the Marina Regulations.

Usage & Indemnity

  • Persons using the Marina, do so at their own risk, as to Person or property. The Vessel remains at the Owner's risk at all times.
  • The Marina User agrees to indemnify the Marina against any liability incurred by the Marina as a consequence of, or in any way connected with the Vessel and any damage effected by the Marina User or the Vessel.
  • The Marina User agrees that the Marina shall not be liable for the care and protection of the Vessel and shall incur no liability to the Marina User for any damage to the Vessel or any Person associated with the Vessel.
  • The Vessel must be registered and insured. The Marina requires a copy of the current Vessel's Insurance policy.


  • Vessel is to be Moored Safely. The Marina User is responsible for the proper mooring, care, security, maintenance, fire protection, seaworthiness and other good working order of the Vessel. The Marina User warrants that the Vessel is seaworthy and has appropriate strong points and mooring lines.
  • Disclosure. The Marina must rely on the information provided by Marina Users. The Marina cannot be held responsible where there is any failure to advise a relevant fact. The Marina User warrants that all information provided to the Marina for the Marina Usage is correct and not misleading or deceptive.

Use of Outside Contractors

  • Marina Users who choose to contract non Marina staff must seek prior approval from the Marina Manager. Outside Contractors engaged by Short Stay Vessel Owners are not permitted.
  • No Contractor is to commence any works without initial registration with the Marina and signing the Agreement. The Marina imposes additional costs on the Marina User for the use of outside Contractors. The Marina reserves the right, at the Manager's absolute discretion, to reject or withdraw the privilege of entry to the Premises or provision of Marina Services by or from any Person.

Arrival & Departure

  • Please contact the Marina Office on approach to the Marina, advising your Vessel's name and mooring. On the day of arrival, please advise the Marina Office of the estimated time of departure.
  • Mooring reservations are until 11am the scheduled day of departure. If you wish to alter the booking and require less or more time, please provide 48 hours written notice to allow us to either release the mooring for resale or secure any additional days if they are available. No refunds will be issued unless the notice period is adhered to.

Use of Facilities

  • All Mooring Fees are payable in full at the time of booking to confirm the booking.
  • All Mooring Fees payable to the Marina are to be paid by a standing credit card authority and the Vessel Owner agrees to sign a credit card authorisation form.
  • Fees are LOA Based. Fees are based on the LOA of Vessel - the maximum length of a Vessel's hull measured parallel to the waterline from the extreme point of the bow to the extreme point on the stern, including all gear.
  • Payment Terms. Unless otherwise approved, all Fees must be paid immediately on completion of the work.
  • Allocations. The Marina may change any allocated service or facility. Marina User must comply with all lawful directions of the Staff in relation to the movement, removal and control of Vessels within the Premises.
  • Contact. If you intend to leave your Vessel at the Marina unattended, let us know who the contact Person is in the event of inclement weather or should we require contact concerning the Vessel.
  • Right to Move. The Marina retain the right to board, move, drive, tow or remove any Vessel in order to comply with any regulatory or administrative requirement.
  • Other Vessel. Except as directed by the Manager, Master of a Vessel must not permit any other Vessel to occupy the Vessel space allocated to the Marina User.

Safety & Security

  • Vessel is to be Moored Safely. The Owner is responsible for maintenance and repair of any mooring apparatus. The area around Vessel must be clean and tidy at all times. Marina walkways must be kept clear and Vessel tied up to ensure that no part of the Vessel is overhanging the walkways. No engine trials are permitted.
  • Vessel Security. Security of the Vessel shall be the responsibility of the Vessel Owner. The Marina does not accept any liability for any valuable items left in any Vessel or at the Marina.
  • Gate. The gate, installed at the entrance to the wharf, shall be locked at all times. Vessel Owners are requested to contact the Marina Office on approach to the Marina to obtain the current security code for the gate.
  • Marine Safety. It is the responsibility of the Marina User to observe the regulations of usage of the waterways by Government authorities.

Wharf Services

  • Dinghy Storage. No dinghy mooring is permitted within the Premises. Properly secured dinghies must be stored on board or on the designated dinghy pontoon and adjacent shelves for which a Fee might apply.
  • Power. All Vessels and electrical installations must comply with AS 3004 and AS/NZS 3000. For further information please, refer to the Company's Ship to Shore Power Connection Policy enclosed.
  • Water Services are provided from public mains in accordance with the relevant requirements. Standard 20 mm water connections are available at locations within the wharf.
  • Water Hoses. All Persons are required to supply their own hoses for their own purposes.

Owner's Maintenance & DIY

  • Owner's Maintenance & DIY. All works must comply with the Marina Regulations. Those Persons invited by the Marina User are his/her responsibility. Only minor Owner repairs and maintenance are permitted while the Vessel is in its Berth or on its Swing Mooring. Any major repairs or maintenance must be carried out on the Boat Lift. Prior to commencing works consult the Marina Manager who will issue any limitations as might apply.


  • Children. Adults must accompany children under the age of 12 at all times. No Children under the age of 18 years allowed within the Boat Lift or Slipway work areas at any time.
  • Unauthorised Dangerous Substances are prohibited within the Premises.
  • Leads & Appliances. All electrical equipment brought onto the Premises must be recently tested and tagged.
  • No Alcohol. There is strictly No Alcohol permitted at any time within the Boat Lift or Slipway work areas. No Alcohol is to be consumed in the public areas of the Marina.
  • No Live Aboard. Residence aboard any Vessel is strictly prohibited. No Unauthorised Person shall stay on board any Vessel after the Hours of Operation while it is on the Boat Lift or Slipway.
  • No Hot Work / Welding. No Diving. No Sailing. No Swimming. No Fishing or cleaning Fish is allowed within the Premises.
  • Speed Limits are to be observed at all times. The Marina is a no wash zone.
  • Tools. It is the Marina's policy that tools and equipment will not be lent or hired out.
  • Work Area is to be maintained in a fit, clean and tidy condition at all times, and is to be left clean with all rubbish removed. No Unauthorised Persons allowed within the Boat Lift or Slipway work areas at any time. Strictly no Person allowed to be on the Boat Lift or on the Slipway ramp during lifting and launching operations. No Person shall commence work or board a slipped/lifted Vessel without Express Permission of the Staff. NEVER under any circumstances is any Person to move or alter any part of the Slipway cradle, or any part of the apparatus securing the Vessel on the Boat Lift. The wharf, walkways and the Slipway ramp must to be kept clear at all times. No Pets allowed within the Boat Lift or Slipway work areas at any time.
  • Workshops are restricted areas and are for the Marina Personnel use only.

Emergency Response Regulations

The Marina requires Marina Users to understand the emergency procedures.

  • Accidents & Incidents. Any accident or incident, any collision or damage to any part of the Marina or other Vessels must be reported immediately to the Manager.
  • Spillages. Any spillage must be reported immediately to the Manager. Any spillage is to be cleaned immediately and appropriately.
  • Firearms, Rockets and Flares are not to be discharged within or from the Premises.
  • Fire Extinguishing Appliances. Proper and sufficient fire extinguishing appliances should be on each Vessel and should be maintained to the standards required by law.
  • Marina Fire Services shall only be used in emergencies. Fire Hoses are not to be used for any purpose other than for fire fighting.

Environmental Policy

The Company's Commitment

Killcare Marina provides valuable support to recreational boating by repairing and maintaining Vessels, and other services to the boating community. We pride ourselves on fostering a positive relationship with local residents.

Killcare Marina seeks to ensure that it can contribute to a high quality of life by protecting and enhancing the environment and by supporting the concept of environmentally sustainable practices. The Marina operates under the auspices of an Environmental Management Plan since 2006. We are fully committed to improving Environmental Management across all of our operational activities and will encourage all Marina Users along with the wider community to join us in this effort.

We will strive to:

  • Adopt the highest environmental standards and access our activities regularly. Reduce impact on air, land and water in a process of continuous improvement.
  • Avoid and minimise waste and encourage the conservation, reuse and appropriate recycling of resources.
  • Educate Marina Users in appropriate, effective and responsible environmental practice and encourage their involvement in our environmental action policies.
  • Apply principles of risk management in order to pre-empt rather than respond to environmental problems. Always apply the “precautionary principle”. Reduce risks from environmental, health or safety hazards for Marina Users.
  • Include environmental and ethical considerations in investment decisions.
  • Publicise our environmental position.
How You can Help

We all have a role to play in reducing the impact on the environment, you can help in a number of ways:

  • Responsibility. All Persons on the Premises are expected to act in an environmentally responsible and safe manner and to cooperate with the Marina Staff.
  • Pollution. It is the responsibility of the Marina User to comply with all of the relevant environmental laws and to recognise that all forms of pollution and contamination (including noise pollution) are prohibited on the Premises.
  • Noise. The Marina User shall not cause or permit any undue noise or disturbance to emanate from the Vessel. Only activities which can be carried out within acceptable noise level can be conducted. These levels shall not exceed levels detailed by Gosford City Council. Any noise related work is not permitted after 1:00pm SATURDAY or on SUNDAYS or PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.
  • Use our Ship to Shore Sewage Pump Out facility. The discharge of sewage from Vessel holding tanks can be carried out at the Pump Out station free of charge.
Marina Users are reminded that the discharging of untreated sewage in enclosed waters in NSW is illegal.
    • In-Water Hull Cleaning, or any process that could remove antifouling paint from the Vessel's hull, is prohibited.
    • Be aware of Fumes and Odours generated by Vessels and avoid the creation of fumes or odours.
    • Clean & Tidy. All Marina Users must keep the Premises in a clean and tidy condition.
    • Refuelling using portable fuel containers is not permitted.
    • Visual. Please, avoid excessive lighting. No laundry or clothing shall be hung on or from the Vessel. Do not forget to apply brakes to wind generators.
    • Waste. Disposal of any waste matter into the marine environment is strictly prohibited at all times. At no stage can any materials or substance be allowed to enter the marine environment. Overboard Dumping of any debris is not permitted. Works which allows debris to drop into the water are not permitted. Washing Down of materials generated from maintenance or repairs into the water is strictly prohibited.
    • Bilge Water, Sewage, Grey Water, Run Off from washing Vessels, and other liquid wastes are not to be discharged into the marine environment.
Marina Users are reminded that the pumping of bilges in enclosed waters in NSW is illegal.
  • Harmful Waste. All harmful wastes (like oil, oily waters and products, noxious liquids, drained oil filters, scrap metal including anodes, batteries, acids), fish cleaning waste and all other harmful waste must be removed directly from the Vessel to the approved storage facility. No such liquids are to be placed down the sewer.
  • Washing of Vessel. Persons should wash Vessels by hand with water pressure. Care is to be taken to minimise the amount of run off. Pressure Washing is to be carried out on the Boat Lift only.
  • Pets. Wastage. All Persons are required to clean up their pet’s wastage immediately. Pets. Rubbish. All Persons are required to clean up any rubbish / dirt / items scattered by their pet.
  • Vessel Related Pollution. All costs incurred in cleaning up spillages and in relation to any pollution are recoverable from the Vessel Owner. Waste. A Fee applies for waste removal.
  • Do not let your children or visitors feed the birds or fish. Avoid damaging sea grasses around the Marina.
  • Report suspicious fish (dead and alive). Report a plant or fish you haven’t seen before that could be a pest.
If you think you have seen any of the marine or freshwater pest species, please either take a good quality digital photo, or collect a sample of the organism. If it's a fish, place it in a plastic bag and freeze it. If it's a seaweed, take the piece(s) home and carefully dry them between two sheets of blotting paper. Report the sighting to: DPI Aquatic Bio-security Unit (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)