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Fouling is a kind of unwanted buildup (usually animal/vegetable derived) occurring on the boat's bottom and lower unit. Fouling creates additional drag which reduces boat performance and causes everything from corrosion, loss of speed, reduced steering and maneuverability and increased fuel consumption. All things we would rather avoid when motoring.

Ever since man decided to play on the water in marine vessels there has been an ongoing battle with Marine Bio-Fouling.

In fresh water fouling results from dirt, vegetable matter, algae or slime, chemicals, minerals, and other pollutants. In salt water, barnacles, moss, and other marine growth often produce a dramatic build-up of material quickly.

So it's important to keep the hull as clean as possible in all water conditions to maximize boat performance.

Special hull treatments, such as Antifouling paint, will reduce the rate of bottom fouling.

A Good quality Antifoul coating will hinder the marine organisms ability to grow on the surface of the boats hull, ensuring the hull remains contaminate free for unhindered use for as long as possible.

Because lower units are made primarily of aluminum, be sure to select an Antifouling paint having a copper-free, organo-tin base.

Applied according to instruction, it is very effective in controlling marine fouling.

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Barnicle Organic Growth on Hull Demonstrates the requirement to Antifoul your Vessel.